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15 ways to identify a Gold Digger [part 2]

15 ways to identify a Gold Digger

#6She will only forgive you when you buy her gifts .

 Should you get into a fight and the only way it can be resolved is when you buy her gifts, she’s a gold digger. Problems are supposed to be sorted out through communication, not gifts.

#7 She has high taste. 

If she always buys top-of-the-line stuff ie expensive designer clothes, she’s definitely a gold digger. People who have really expensive taste and also don’t have a high-paying job to satisfy their taste often need to depend on someone else to buy those things for them.
To do this they’ll seek out wealthy people and stick to them by all means.

15 ways to identify a gold digger [part 1]

#8 she doesn’t care to pay attention to you. 

This should be very easy to notice because she would be barely able to remember things you say or anything important about you. This is because she only cares about what’s in your wallet.

#9 She always takes you to parties.

 Does she have top of the line preference when it comes to partying? If this is true , she could just be hanging with you for your money. Ladies who are gold diggers like to party at expensive places, even when its obvious that they can’t afford it themselves.

#10 She never has you in her plans but you are always in hers. 

She rarely makes room for you in her schedule for the stuff you need her presence but she’ll always have you in her plans on where she wants to go eg Music concerts, dinners, and even shopping dates etc.

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