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15 ways to identify a Gold Digger

how to identify a gold digger

Hello bro there are girls out there  who are gold diggers . They only want your money and don’t give a shit about you or how you feel . let me teach you to spot them

There are a lot of mean and inconsiderate people in the world. It’s just the life we live in. The worst are people who use you.

People might use you for good reasons but  gold diggers only want one very specific thing [money]. because they’re too lazy to earn it themselves.

first we must define who a Gold digger is

A gold digger is simply someone who relates with another just for their money. 

Usually, these are ladies who only want to be with a guy so he’ll buy her nice things. However, a guy can also be a Gold Digger, That’s just not common.

Hey Man You should never allow someone use you for any reason .

No matter what it is, you should never i repeat  Never tolerate someone using you. Even if you have some feelings for them but know they have none for you, Hey don’t be a looser dump them. It’s not fair to subject yourself to their disrespect.

They’re persistently  disrespecting you in order to get what they want. That’s not fair to you. You are worth more than that . I think we have been educated a little so now i want to teach you how to spot them.

#1 They Never Resist you.

 There are plenty of girls who are go-with-the-flow and very laid back. The difference with girls who are gold diggers is that they agree with everything you say and do with a lot of enthusiasm. This is to make you like them and want to spend money on them. It’s a manipulation tactic. 

#2 She is on the same page as you. 

This is another way a few young ladies will endeavor to control you. When you initially become acquainted with her, she’ll essentially reveal to you she loves all similar things you do. You’ll know this is valid in case you’re the one continually discussing what you like and she basically hops in to let you know, “me as well!”

#3 She compliments you too much.

There comes a point when she compliments you way too much. Though, she may really like your looks but after a period, it’s just not genuine. If she keeps complimenting you over and over again, then just know it’s a lie and she just wants to stroke your Ego so that you spend money on her.

#4 She uses sex as a weapon.

Basically,if she refuses to have sex with you  if you do anything wrong, she’s probably a gold digger. This is one of the ways she gets you to buy her stuff. If you get her a gift and then she sleeps with you again, it’s a reward system. its a way of conditioning you to basically pay for her honey pot.

#5 She is overly Excited about your job or expensive Things. 

It’s less about your personality its more about the financial benefits you can provide her with. If you’re a medical practitioner, it’s normal for women to like you  because of the fact that you’re helping human beings. But if your job isn’t directly linked with  things of that sort and she still gushes about it, it’s probably because she knows that people in your position are financially stable.

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