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5 Things Women want in a man

  • They Want Honesty

If a guy wants to truly enter the world of any woman, he needs to be honest  most women want someone that is honest. Without honesty, you have nothing to build just have to be more direct and honest with her on most of the time its always better to build a relationship on honesty.

  • They Want to Feel Special

Women want to feel special and cherished. Sometimes it’s the little things that a guy does to make you feel good. He may compliment your smile, your hair, your kindness or just for being you. Not only does she want someone to compliment her, but she wants to know that she is being thought of. Start by leaving notes before you leave in the morning that encourage her. Make giving compliments a regular part of your communication with your lady. Show her that you are thinking of her.

  • They Want Romance

Every night shouldn’t be stereotype roses and chocolates.  make her some dinner  Treat her like your girlfriend, even after she has become your wife.

  • They Want Reliability 

Most Women need a guy that can help them do things when they need things done at the last minute. A man that is reliable, is a true treasure. He is on time and will be there when you need him that is a trait they look out for in every man.

  • They Want Communication 

for a lasting relationship you need communication. Women like to discuss things., it’s just ingrained in them to do so.  When you don’t talk, they will interpret this as you are hiding something, don’t trust them with your views or don’t want to engage with them.

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