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Facts About Tokophobia

Wikipedia defines Tokophobia, or the fear of pregnancy and childbirth, as a form of specific phobia. It is also known as “maleusiophobia” (though this is certainly a variant of “maieusiophobia”, from the Greek “maieusis”, literally meaning “delivery of a woman in childbirth but referring generally to midwifery), “parturiphobia” (from Latin “parturire” meaning “to be pregnant”, and “lockiophobia”

Generally it is usual for all women to have the fear of an unwanted pregnancy, (tokophobia) but, is it to the point where you’re terrified of becoming pregnant in general?

This may be some reasons for that fear

1 could i afford to raise the child
2 would the father be involved

This article would educate you on tokophobia, so you can have an understanding of what it is and how to deal with it. So you don’t end up getting scared of building a family.

1 What is tokophobia exactly?

Tokophobia is the fear of pregnancy which can make women scared of getting pregnant. Probably because of the events that take place during childbirth. Tokophobia is when a woman takes this to the extreme

2 when does it start?

Tokophobia can start from childhood or adulthood. Most Women develop this fear at some point during their early adulthood. This conditions develop from watching child birth videos which traumatized them, or hearing stories of unpleasant pregnancies.

3 Forms of tokophobia.

Tokophobia is classified into two categories: primary and secondary.

Primary tokophobia:
This occurs in women in women who haven’t had any experience with pregnancy. Primarily, she has never been in a pregnancy.
Secondary tokophobia
This occurs among the woman who have had bitter experiences during pregnancy. Eg very painful labor etc
4 How to handle Tokophobia
Therapy is the best way to help you overcome tokophobia. This involves finding the root cause of when your tokophobia developed and methods are employed to help you overcome these fears.


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