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[Final Episode] 15 ways to identify a Gold digger

15 ways to identify a Gold digger

#11 you know little or nothing about her.

You will never know much about her because she never talks about her family, her values, or anything of relevance to a relationship. If she fits the above description, it could be a sign she’s just a gold digger who’s after what you have in your pocket.

 #12 you really don’t match, significantly.

This might be a bitter pill for you to swallow but you have to face reality because  it’ll help you determine if she’s a gold digger or not. A girl who is very, very attractive dating a guy who isn’t exactly her match by looks should raise eyebrows. most  especially if you are financially buoyant, that might be the reason she’s hanging around you.

 #13 you’re not the people’s choice.

You might be good looking but a lot of people dislike you, but you notice she somehow manages to get along with you, she could be termed a gold digger. Nobody wants to spend their life with a mean person unless that person can compensate for it fairly. She is probably around because of the amount of money you make

 #14 She’s has asked you for money.

If you’ve been in a relationship with her for a long time it wouldn’t be out of place for her to ask you for money because she’s running low. But when she does when the relationship is still very new and she’s already asking you for money then she is a suspected Gold digger.

 #15 Her job doesn’t pay much that is if she even has a job.

Even If she has a job, it probably wouldn’t support her lifestyle. That’s how you know she’s a gold digger and is only with you so she can fund and satisfy her expensive taste.

The sad thing about Gold diggers is that they have no shame nor self-esteem. Its none of their business if they’re manipulating and hurting you or not all they want is your money. It’s up to you to spot them

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