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I sowed my first gown with needle and thread at age 14 CEO jasmin collection Oseme Edeko

OSEME EDEKO fashion had an interview with THE CEO Of Jasmin collection a fast Growing fashion label presently operating in lagos Nigeria here is how it went down

Why did you become interested in fashion designing in the first place?
i took interest in fashion designing because when I was much younger I had so many styles in my head but no tailor was able to represent them well in fabric and to make matters worse they will always complain that the style is too hard or am too small to be wearing such styles you know Naija Tailors na (giggles) so I said to myself isn’t it the same place the machine needle will pass that my own needle and thread will pass? So I made my first gown
When did your journey into the fashion design world begin?
I started designing and making my own wears at the age of 14, the cloths I made then had no lining because I was using needle and thread and it took ages to make a “master piece” and my friends never knew my piece was handmade till I told them and they would be like wow!!

Do you still sew your gowns with needle and thread?
(Laughs) For what now, no
So when did you get your first sewing machine?
I got my sewing maching when I was in 100 level,i saved up some of my pocket money and luckly I got a friend that sold her old machine to me for 10,000 Naira I was now able to make better finished and properly lined cloth. I still use the machine today though I have acquired others.

Do you have any formal training in fashion design?
Yes I do, I went for a three month training after I finished school, I also go online to update myself and learn new styles.
Thanks a lot.
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