Sunday, February 25, 2018
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Lady dies during police recruitment excersice

A prospective Female police officer has been reported dead while participating in a police recruitment exercise in Webuye East, Bungoma County in Kenya . Nepher Wamocho, 27, from Lutacho village collapsed while participating in the physical exercise at Webuye Pan Paper Grounds. Wamocho was rushed to Webuye Sub County Hospital. Medics tried to resuscitate her but to no avail. Police Service Commission Chair, Johnstone Kavuludi, said it was unfortunate that a person had died while trying to get into the service. Kavuludi regretted that medics were not available to provide first aid in time. Addressing the parents, Kavuludi said it was so sad to lose a Kenyan citizen who was ready to serve her country. “It is an unfortunate incident as she was working hard and tried her best to join the police service,” he said

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