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Meet The Ceo of Fabrics by Iko Patience Iko-Ojo Omora


Welcome to another exciting month of exclusive fashion coverage on vibez24 Fashion. This month we promise to bring you very inspiring stories from the fashion world .Enough of the talking.

In this Article we are going to be meeting the CEO of Fabrics By Iko

Patience Iko-Ojo Omora A Computer science graduate of Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

An Abuja Based Fashion Outfits That Deal in all sort of fabrics, for personal use, asoebi, and also involved in bridal and personal styling. and their most recent addition The Scarf line a new line from the company




Vibez24: How did you come about your brand name?

The name of the outfit is Fabrics by Iko coined from my name Iko-Ojo

Vibez24: whats inspires you?
I love fashion. I love when pieces of fabric come together to make something unique:

I like it when people express themselves in different ways especially with fashion. Fashion is a rich mix and blend of individuality, culture, style, color and can be represented by anyone not just the locals of a particular culture. I’m inspired by the fact that this fusion binds and brings people together like music and football

Vibez24: When did you start your fashion brand?
Fabrics by Iko started in 2017

Vibez24:It is a Known fact that every business venture has its own challenges, what challenges have you faced so far?

Like every start up, I have faced peculiar challenges. In Nigeria, there are a number of already established asoebi brands, so the first challenge was branding and marketing. It was difficult to add features that will sell and distinguish the Fabricsbyiko brand from others but we have been able to
overcome that so far in our mode of service delivery. Also another challenge is pricing especially when delivery costs are involved (for orders outside Abuja).

Vbez24: In 5 years time where do you see Fabrics By Iko?

In 5 years’ time, it should have grown into becoming a household name for fabrics and also continue to express the fusion of style, individuality, culture, color which promotes integration among people.

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Contact :
@fabricsbyiko- Instagram

FabricsbyIko- Facebook
Phone no: 08127593736

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